Black Friday Sale Spots Lenovo Legion Spotted Up to $650 Off

A new Black Friday sale spots a Lenovo Legion selling for a massive $650 discount. Aside from the $710 discount, there are discounts on other Legion laptops.

The Early Black Friday Sale Spots Lenovo Legion Laptops Selling at Massive Discounts

An article by We PC listed numerous Lenovo Legion laptops spotted selling at massive discounts. The discounts come as an early Black Friday sale and are just a few of many laptop discounts around the internet.

Upgrading one’s laptop can be expensive but is also necessary for some. For those using their laptop for work, depending on the job, there could be high requirements for the person’s unit.

Legion 5 Ryzen 7 6800H Selling with an RTX 3070 Ti GPU

Instead of saving up for an expensive laptop and buying it off-season, one thing that a lot of professionals do is have a budget and wait until a sale comes up. Once a sale comes up, they usually purchase a new laptop immediately if it is sold at the right discount.

The particular unit sold at a discount is the Legion 5 Ryzen 7 6800H with an RTX 3070 Ti. The unit was initially priced at $2,199.99, but due to the 29% discount, its price has dropped to $1,549.99.

Legion 5 Gen 7 AMD Ryzen 7 6800 with 32GB

This was one of many units spotted selling at a discount. The Legion 5 Gen 7 AMD Ryzen 7 6800 with 32GB version was also spotted selling at a massive discount.

Buyers can get the 32GB variant at a massive $590 off due to the Lenovo Legion laptop discount. Its original price was listed at $2,519.99, but due to a 23% discount, its price then dropped down to just $1,929.99

Different Legion 5 Gen 7 with 512 GB SSD can be Bought at a Lower Price

Another Legion 5 Gen 7 was spotted selling online at a massive discount. The difference between this laptop and the laptop mentioned earlier is that it had a 512GB SSD instead of a 1TB SSD.

Due to its smaller internal memory, it was also more affordable at just $1,649.99 due to its 23% discount from its original price of $2,169.99. The laptop sold at a whopping $520 off its original price.

Swapped Legion 5 Gen 7 with RTX 3060 Instead of 3070 Ti can be Bought at a Lower Price

Another unit was also selling at a significantly lower price. The Legion 5 Gen 7 with an RTX 3060 instead of the 3070 Ti of earlier laptops were sold at a $460 discount.

Due to the laptop carrying an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 instead of the 3070 Ti, its price dropped to $1,449.99 from its original $1,909.99 due to its massive 24% discount.

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Most Affordable Legion 5 Gen 7 on the List Packs an AMD Ryzen 7 6600H Instead of a 6800H

Lastly, another Legion 5 Gen 7 laptop was sold at a lower price with slightly changing specs. This laptop is cheaper because it packs the AMD Ryzen 7 6600H instead of the Ryzen 7 6800 H.

The laptop costs just $1,279.99 from its original $1,649.99 after dropping due to its 22% discount.

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