Black Friday Sale Sees Asus Zephyr G14 with RTX 3060 Drop by $500 in Price

A new Black Friday sale saw the price of the Asus Zephyr G14 with an RTX 3060 drop by half a thousand dollars. Its new price now costs below $1,000.

Buyers can Get a Gaming Laptop with a Decent GPU Included Like the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060

Buying a gaming laptop with a decent GPU can be hard to find. Most laptops can cost a fortune with a high-tech GPU included.

One way buyers can save on gaming laptops is by downgrading the specs they get or waiting for a sale to get the laptop at a more affordable price. In this instance, a Black Friday sale sees the price of the Asus Zephyr G14 with an RTX 3060 drop by $500.

A Gaming Laptop’s Main Advantage is Its Portability With Buyers Able to Attach Monitors

Some buyers do this when buying a gaming laptop because they want portability. Another reason some buyers would rather have a gaming laptop is that it could cost extra to buy the parts individually and have them installed.

Not to mention, a lot of additional purchases go into desktops like monitors. With the gaming laptop, buyers can add a monitor, transforming their setup into a dual-monitor setup.

Buyers can Learn More About the Asus RoG Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop with an RTX 3060 GPU

The problem with some gaming laptops is that they can still be very expensive. The good thing is that a new Black Friday sale sees the price of different laptops drop significantly.

An example is the Asus RoG Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop with an RTX 3060 GPU. Buyers can learn more about the G14 on the ROG Asus website.

Gaming Laptops Sold at a Massive Discount with the RTX 3060

Buyers can purchase the gaming laptop at a sale price to avoid spending over a thousand dollars on a simple laptop by purchasing them during a Black Friday sale. When buyers purchase during this period, they can get a significant discount on some items.

One laptop has specifically stood out during this period as being sold at a massive discount. The gaming laptop has significant specs for its price, even including the RTX 3060 GPU.

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Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop With RTX 3060 Drops to Just $899.99 with a $500 Discount

The benefit of purchasing a gaming laptop is that most of the specs are good enough for high performance, with most already well-balanced specs. An article by Tom’s Guide shares that they spotted the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop with an RTX 3060 selling for a massive discount.

The gaming laptop was specifically spotted on Best Buy selling for a massive discount. The laptop was originally listed for $1,399.99, but due to a $500 discount, its price dropped to just $899.99.

On top of the RTX 3060, buyers also get a 144Hz refresh rate and an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU. The specific variant on sale is the 16 GB DDR4 memory RAM option with 512 GB PCIe SSD in the color, Moonlight White.

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