Apple’s Self-repair Service for iPhone, and Mac Arrives in Europe

Apple users in the UK and other areas of Europe may now purchase repair tools online and try to restore their own iPhones and Macs if they want to. 


Apple is bringing its do-it-yourself (DIY) repair program to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

As first reported by The Guardian, customers in these countries will soon be able to purchase original components and DIY repair kits for certain iPhones and Macs manufactured after 2020.

The kits provide comprehensive how-to guides and replacement components for fixing common issues like cracked screens.

Users are welcome to use whatever equipment they have available, but Apple also sells and rents out for £54.90 (around $67) the identical gear that its own in-house technicians use.

While the DIY service is accessible to anybody, fixing a smartphone or computer may seem like surgery. It requires a steady hand, heat, and a lot of small screws. 

Apple warns its consumers that a professional repair provider, like an Apple Store, is still the best bet for a safe and reliable service.

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The Initiative

MacRumors’ report indicates that Apple has spent the past three years building up a global network of repair shops that now numbers more than 3,000 Independent Repair Providers and more than 5,000 Authorized Service Providers.

As for others, there are a plethora of options in the UK and Europe thanks to the use of aftermarket components.

Apple’s DIY repair program made its debut in the US this past April.

According to The Verge, it marks a dramatic departure for a company that was unwilling to let consumers fix their gadgets. Rather, it only made authentic parts available via its approved service providers, introducing a program for non-authorized repair shops in 2019.

Apple has lately been exploring whether it is feasible to make internal upgrades to its devices in addition to selling replacement parts.

The exterior of the iPhone 14 was indistinguishable from earlier generations. Still, advancements on the inside allowed for repairs to be conducted through the device’s rear and front screen.

This makes one of the most popular repairs-replacing the phone’s back glass-much simpler. Other typical repairs include replacing the phone’s screen and battery.

Supplementary Data

CCS Insight reports that the typical smartphone owner keeps their device for 4.2 years. With this, it is imperative that consumers have access to low-priced repair alternatives and long-term software support.

Experts at iFixit have lately criticized Apple for digitally shutting down the usage of recycled and unauthorized components for repair. Yet, the move may be praised by people who support the right to repair.

An iPhone could refuse to accept a replacement part without the correct serial number matching the device being repaired.

In terms of price, The Verge said an iPhone 13 replacement battery part package would set you back £70.78 ($86.51), with a £24.16 ($29.54) available credit if you exchange your replacement part. 

A screen replacement for the same phone costs £282.28 ($ 345), with a £34.85 ($42.60) credit for sending back the old display.

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