AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs See Massive Price Drop in China, Up to $200 Off—But Why?

The AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPU saw its launch in September this year, and it is regarded as the company’s flagship and fastest processor to date. Now, it sees a massive price drop on a Chinese retailer’s listing, centering on as much as $200 off its original price tag, with an unknown exact reason behind its markup. 

It is a surprise for the retailer to do this, especially as the Ryzen CPU is fairly new in the market, only two months old since the company released it to the world. 

AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs See Massive Price Drop in China

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No, AMD is not having a sale on its Ryzen 7000 CPUs at the present, but a Chinese retailer,, has a massive price reduction on the latest processors of the company. 

As spotted by Expreview, a Chinese website, the Ryzen 7000 series saw a significant price drop in the country, despite the short time between its release and now. 

The price reduction sees a massive 27.3 percent markdown compared to its original release price in the region. The report further says that it includes the flagship processors from the company, including the Ryzen 7950 X which is now $557 instead of $765, and the Ryzen 7900 X, seeing a smaller price reduction, for only $459 from $598 (converted from its Chinese Yuan price).

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Why are the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs Discounted?

As per Tom’s Hardware, the speculation behind its price drop and discounts over at JD’s platform is due to the low sales of the computer processor. Additionally, the previous Ryzen 5000 series still see significant stocks from the retailer’s possession, aiming to sell the AMD CPUs to the market faster. 

Still, it is a win for users as they have the chance to score the latest AMD processor for a lower price compared to its SRP. 

AMD and its Computer Processors

AMD was speculated to release its latest computer processing units in September 2022, and many early news was able to predict this as per the company’s release windows. Nonetheless, AMD CPUs are famous and highly rated among those in the industry, with the company centering on its unique architecture to deliver performance. 

The flagship CPU from AMD saw massive anticipation from users, centering on their Zen 4 chips to power the processors and deliver the famed performance. 

Initially, there were also price speculations on the Ryzen 7950 X flagship, as well as the 7900 X devices. The price predictions for the upcoming series also included the 7000 series’ entry-level and mid-tier CPUs, the 7700 and 7600. 

According to reports, the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs saw a 10 percent price increase compared to the 6000 series’ released in 2021. It starts at $330 for its lowest tier and may cost users up to $890 for the flagship.

Still, AMD is one of the most famous names in the computer parts industry for users and gamers’ needs to build their PC setup and power their needs for the device. China’s gave its buyers a massive markdown for it, with a chance to own the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 series for $200 cheaper, with the retailer allowing global shipping for it. 

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