Amazon Clinic is Live: You Can Now Access Healthcare Service via Messages

Amazon Clinic is a new message-based virtual healthcare service that provides advice and treatment options for over 20 common health conditions. 

These include allergies, dandruff, hair loss, birth control, sexual dysfunction, acid reflux, sinusitis, UTI, pink eye, skin problems, and so on.

On Tuesday of last week, Amazon published (and then quickly removed) a YouTube video detailing the Amazon Clinic initiative. It unwittingly leaked today’s announcement. 

How it Works

According to The Verge’s report, customers using Amazon Clinic must first identify the ailment for which they seek treatment. They must pick a chosen physician from a pool of qualified registered telehealth specialists.

After filling out an initial questionnaire, clients can communicate with doctors through a private messaging system for an in-depth consultation. 

Next, the patient will get a specific treatment plan and medicines via the portal, which may be taken at any pharmacy the patient chooses, including Amazon Pharmacy.

Up to two weeks of unlimited follow-up communications between clients and physicians are included in each consultation. Fees will be disclosed in advance. 

Although Amazon does not take insurance now, it says that its healthcare service is suitable for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Clients can utilize their insurance for prescriptions given via the Amazon Clinic service.

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Offered Treatments

In addition to treating common ailments like erectile dysfunction, UTIs, sinusitis, and yeast infections, the program also provides contraception options. 

Moreover, the Clinic offers additional remedies for pre-existing disorders such as eczema and genital herpes and may be used to renew prescriptions for ailments such as migraines, asthma, and hypertension. 

The virtual clinic will work in tandem with the company’s existing Amazon Pharmacy service and primary care technology provider, One Medical, which the retail giant is now acquiring for around $3.9 billion. 

Amazon Clinic will initially launch in 32 states throughout the United States. Further expansion is planned in the near future.

Venture into Healthcare Sector

Amazon’s first move into the realm of virtual healthcare came in 2019 when the company introduced Amazon Care. 

The program, which is reported to end on Dec. 31, was originally provided just to Amazon workers but later opened up to those working for other organizations. 

The Verge reported that Amazon exec Neil Lindsay said at the time that the closure was because the service was not enough solution for the major corporate clients they are targeting. Besides, it was not going to function long-term.

In 2020, the e-commerce titan formed Amazon Pharmacy to provide inexpensive prescription drugs to Prime members.

Better access to treatments for common disorders, particularly on the scale that Amazon is able to provide, might have advantages beyond people utilizing the service. 

Virtual healthcare services like those provided by Amazon and other firms have the potential to reduce the strain on in-person medical facilities, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment of more severe medical disorders.

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