AirTag Helps Australian Police Apprehend Two Teenager Theft Suspects

With the use of an Apple AirTag, investigators from the Moorabool Crime Investigation Unit of the Victoria Police have successfully seized a weapon, ammunition, and valuables that are believed to have been stolen.

This perfectly illustrates why you should attach an AirTag to your belongings, even if it is difficult to predict precisely when they could be stolen.

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Apprehending Criminals

Based on Gizmodo Australia’s report, Victoria Police released a statement saying that around 3:30 AM AEDT, they responded to a call regarding a burglary victim whose AirTag had been taken along with other items.

The cops were conducting routine patrols when they discovered the location of the pinging AirTag. They then made two arrests. 

Armed with a warrant, they recovered a pistol, some ammo, and other items that they believed to have been stolen.

Victoria Police have not disclosed any additional information on the case, although they have said that two teenagers, ages 16 and 18, are currently cooperating with them in the progress of their investigations.

Same Previous Case 

This is not the first time an Apple AirTag has been used in an arrest.

The Portland Police Department used the same device to apprehend a wanted armed robbery suspect in May this year.

As per reports, officers responded to an armed robbery in Portland, Oregon, on May 19 at noon. 

The first victim worked at a nearby shop at the time and told police that a gunman demanded money. Police said the victim showed the robbery suspect an empty drawer, so he stole his phone and wallet instead. 

The suspect managed to escape and went to Embassy Suites Hotel. The second victim, who is a hotel visitor, informed police that someone had entered his room and stolen items, including a rucksack with an AirTag.

The robbery suspect was later tracked to North Portland. Eventually, police located the robbery suspect with the bag and AirTag near North Interstate Avenue and North Killingsworth Street.

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How AirTags Work

Apple’s AirTags, for those who are unaware, are little metal discs with a circular shape, somewhat bigger and thicker than most dollar coins. 

In the “Find My” app, the tag’s location will be shown after it has been linked to an Apple ID and location services are enabled. By use of Bluetooth, each tag broadcasts a unique identity. 

Once detected, any nearby Apple device (within 100 meters under ideal circumstances) will transmit the identification to Apple’s servers with the device’s own location information. 

When the tag’s owner logs into the Find My app and views the location data, they will have a decent notion of the item’s whereabouts.

Additionally, you can set up pings on your own AirTag, which will inform you when your item is just nearby or when it is no longer close to you.

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