3 Best Portable Monitors for Office, School, and Gaming Purposes

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Whether you’re working, studying, or casually gaming, having an extra screen doubles everything while reducing the burden of your workload. Portable monitors are often associated with productivity and can be bought for an affordable amount compared to other types of displays.

Arzopa’s lineup of portable monitors is one example. It includes a comprehensive suite of workplace and entertainment capabilities packed inside the lightest portable display ever. It is adaptable to be whatever else you want.

With Arzopa portable computer monitor, you can experience an improved visual experience of games with spectacular 4K graphics and outstanding color reproduction. Plus, it’s more than just a portable monitor for laptops since it can connect via smartphones, XBOX, PlayStation, and others for maximum flexibility. And with that, Arzopa provides the three best portable monitors, each with its unique set of advantages to help you decide which one is ideal for you and your setup.

Arzopa Brand

Arzopa, a professional maker of portable monitors for laptops and other devices. This brand’s quality gained the hearts of a large number of users all around the world, as their slogan goes, portability and brilliance in Arzopa. Their objective is to become a professional global provider of portable monitors, to offer joy to people’s work and lives, and to globalize the Arzopa brand. To take this step forward, Arzopa laid out their top 3 best portable monitors for laptops, PCs, or gaming consoles.

#1 Arzopa S1 15.6

The 15.6-inch portable monitor from Arzopa is the most popular screen size on the market. In comparison to its competitors, the price is reasonable, and it is more than adequate for work and daily usage. One of its striking features is how it stands, as it resembles an iPad. As one of Arzopa’s best-selling portable laptop monitors, its features won’t surely disappoint anyone.


(Photo : Arzopa)

Key Features

  • 15.6″ 1080P FHD anti-glare IPS screen with 60hz high resolution, bringing clear and crisp picture/video/working/screen quality and color richness

  • A portable monitor for laptops with full-featured USB C ports that requires only one USB C cable for both video feed and electricity to provide up to full HD quality

  • Easy to set up and entirely plug-and-play

  • Laptop monitor with an ultra-portable design that is 0.3 inches slender and weighs 1.7 lbs, making it easy to carry to help you get things done easily on the move

  • Has two USB ports and a micro HDMI port so that it can be easily connected to a PC, Mac, phone, Raspberry Pi, Xbox, Switch, PS4/5, and other devices

  • Compatible with any laptop that has an HDMI port

#2 Arzopa A1 14

This portable monitor for laptops includes an FHD 14” 1080P external display with dual speakers and has the slimmest, thinnest, and most lightweight size of all. The size, albeit little, is enough for any purpose you have in mind. Best of all, it’s one of Arzopa’s most affordable yet best portable monitors.


(Photo : Arzopa)

Key Features

  • This slimmest and lightest portable monitor for laptops is the most ideal when you’re on the road. With it, you get a travel monitor with an ultra-portable design that is 0.16 inches slender and weighs 1.1 lbs. This makes it easy to carry and allows you to work more effectively. Also, there is no need for a driver to set it up.

  • A remarkable viewing experience is provided by the 14.0″ Full HD 1920 x 1080 portable anti-glare IPS display with 60hz resolution. In return, you get outstanding image quality and adequate screen brightness.

  • It comes with an HDMI connector and two full-featured USB Type-C connections. This versatile compatibility makes it ideal for use with a laptop, PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi, smartphone, Xbox, PS5, Switch, and Steam Deck, among other devices.

#3 Arzopa G1 15.6

Although the previous best portable monitor for laptops varied in terms of use cases, this one is designed to meet your gaming needs. It’s thin, light, and can be transported anywhere with the Switch or XBOX. It has a 144 HZ refresh rate, which is ideal for gaming. In addition, it is the most affordable 144 HZ portable gaming monitor on the market.


(Photo : Arzopa)

Key Features

  • Simply plug and play one USB to the screen and the other to the switch, with no setup or downloads necessary if the device supports Thunderbolt 3/USB C 3.1. It works with any device via the HDMI connector as well.

  • Connecting to Steam Deck, Switch, Xbox, PS5, laptop, PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi, tablet, and phone is simple. It’s perfect for gamers to enjoy, as well as for business folks to do remote work, train someone, or share a screen.

Is It Worth Getting a Portable Monitor?

Now that we’ve been introduced to various job, class, and gaming setups, purchasing a portable monitor is undoubtedly worthwhile. However, when choosing a portable monitor, you may believe that visual quality should be your priority. But there’s more to it than just picking the most attractive screen.


(Photo : Arzopa)

Arzopa’s three best portable monitors have distinct use cases depending on what you’ll be utilizing them for, whether you’re looking for the most popular, cost-effective, or solely for gaming purposes. And, because you’ll be bringing the display and putting it up in different places, each has features you can utilize no matter where or when.

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